Few educational leaders can offer the perspective and experience that Ettie Zilber brings to the issue of the changing governance models for international schools.  She identified and then spearheaded an highly successful initiative to better educate and skill up heads of international schools to work in the new environment of ‘owned schools. Ettie did it all - forsaw the question, designed all the survey and marketing material, organized and then co-moderated the first ever panel of owners of international schools for a record gathering of international heads. She is the clear catalyst for the leap forward so many heads have now made in this arena
— Bambi Betts -- Former CEO Academy of International School Heads (AISH) & Executive Director of Principal's Training Center (PTC)
I have always been impressed with Ettie Zilber¹s knowledge of education, her work ethic, and her deep understanding of children in international schools. I was lucky enough to have Ettie work for us in both our Switzerland and in Spain campuses, instructing in the MEd in International Education programs. Ettie received excellent student evaluations from her students who were all international school teachers and administrators!  You will find Ettie to be a clear communicator and an excellent educator
— Richard Pacheco,  Dean, Endicott College
Ettie Zilber has presented at EARCOS conferences and workshop on several occasions.  Her presentations are always stimulating and engaging.  Her knowledge and experience in international education, cross-cultural issues, and third culture kids makes her an invaluable resource for any conference an international school

— Dick Kraczjar - Executive Director, EARCOS
“Passionate, caring, open-minded, balanced, powerful, practical, engaging, thought-provoking, challenging and at times even unpleasantly revealing but always rewarding and a leap forward in understanding towards personal improvement and professional effectiveness . . . a revelation . . . like Dr. Zilber herself! That’s how you feel when you attend one of her workshops on culture and education or have the privilege to work with her!”

— Antony Geralis, IB Educator, Secondary Principal & IB Diploma Programme Coordinator - Beijing BISS International School
I was fortunate to attend a two day cultural awareness workshop facilitated by Dr. Ettie Zilber. International school staff were introduced to valuable information regarding cultural differences, culture shock, and “we and they” thinking. We also realized just how many different cultures were present in international schools-beyond nationalities. The workshop was thought-provoking, interesting, and very practical. The examples and activities were authentic, humorous, and deeply moving. I would encourage all international schools to host such a workshop, particularly for new staff, as it enables an easier transition and bonding 
— Kyra Gailis - Assistant Head of School, International School of Denver & Former Elementary Principal, Beijing BISS International School
Ettie is a powerful, passionate and persuasive speaker. Her ability to ignite any audience into action is remarkable. It was certainly a lesson in characteristics and different definitions of kids raised inter-culturally and internationally, what benefits could be derived from such a lifestyle, what are the challenges people raised this way face, and how this affects their adult life- including their relationships, job opportunities, and their definition of “home”. Everyone I spoke to afterwards told me that they had learnt a lot from her. Highly recommended!
— Fani Gurevitz - General Manager, Israel Chamber of Commerce in Beijing
Dear Ettie,  I wanted to let you know that I read your book over the summer and it meant a lot to me. As a parent of 2 daughters growing up here in Brazil I found myself nodding and better understanding their situation and their future as such TCK’s of international educators... During our in-service training this “summer” I was also able to have a small session with my staff here at RIS and we used your book to start discussions. I bought 5 more copies of your book and now we are working through it. I just wanted to say thank you and hopefully send some encouragement your way.
Michael R Lindsay, MBA, M.Ed
Director, Rio International School
The workshops entitled “Cross Cultural Communication” and “Third Culture Kids” were of great assistance to me and my colleague in meeting the needs of our staff and the students in the international school environment. Her extensive experience in schools around the world enriched with raising her own children provided us with the insight and understanding of the families we served, and the staff we administered, to integrate into the multicultural community. Many of our young teachers were having children of their own and I passed along Dr. Zilber’s book as a reference to assist them in raising their “Third Culture Kids”.  The workshops were interactive and filled with touching anecdotes and discussion, allowing for personal involvement and an increased awareness of the possibilities of a rewarding experience in the global community.

— Jill Jollineau - Former Head of School, Canadian International School of Beijing
I found Dr. Zilber’s workshops on international mindedness and inter-cultural awareness extremely enlightening and helpful. I gained a real insight into and understanding of culture, as well as practical strategies to use in my work in international education. Dr. Zilber’s work has made me a more skilled, thoughtful, empathetic and knowledgeable educator
— Danielle Fredericks - Middle School Principal, International School of Prague; former Secondary Principal, Beijing BISS International School
Thank you for…opening our eyes, sharing your wisdom, forcing us to think and theorize, provoking laughter, nostalgia and horror, encouraging us to share and bond, validating our personal narratives, giving us new words to articulate our feelings, giving us tools to be better teachers, giving us insight to be better humans. What a weekend!
C…elebrating the
T…hrough which “we and they”
R…eact to, and
E…ngage with our world
— Shannon O’Dwyer - former Grade 4 teacher, Elementary Principal, Beijing BISS International School
Ettie Zilber’s administrative experience and qualifications have enriched the Association for the Advancement of International Education Annual Conference on more than one occasion.  Her presentations, always well prepared and delivered, result in meaningful professional learning that, in turn, impacts positively on faculty and student growth
— Elsa Lamb - Executive Director, Association of Advancement of International Education (retired)
On behalf of the Elementary faculty, I would like to thank you for the workshop on cultural understanding...Many of our teachers have already expressed their enthusiasm about this fascinating topic and are eager to apply new awarenesses to their work as collaborating team members and teachers of students from a varity of cultural backgrounds. I trust this activity will enhance our practices  
— Tracy Berry-Lazo - Elementary Principal/Assistant Head of School, American School of Guatemala
I am very pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Dr. Ettie Zilber, who I had the privilege of working with as a school Director for many years in our region.  I also had the chance to work with her as a consultant for our 2006 Annual Conference in Bogota, Colombia. Dr. Zilber presented a concurrent session at the Conference and repeated it, as it was of great interest to the educators in the region. On the evaluation forms she received a 100 % excellent rating from those who attended
— Mary Virginia Sanchez - Former Executive Director, TRI-Association
I was fortunate to be able to attend a two-day workshop on cross-cultural communication and awareness with Dr. Ettie Zilber. Working in international schools with constant exposure to adults and children from other cultures, this workshop helped me put things into perspective. In addition to ethnic and national differences, I learned that there are also gender differences, and age differences- and when all of these are thrown into one building, the mix result can either be invigorating and uplifting or chaotic and stressful. Dr. Zilber helped us “see” that these differences can be embraced and supported, and all of us can truly learn from one another. There were lots of activities that could be shared with our own staff. I strongly recommend working with Dr. Zilber to improve the community’s outlook of internationalism and cooperation
— Betsy Hanselman  - Secondary Principal, International School of Ulan Bataar, Mongolia  
Dr Ettie Zilber is a well experienced international school educator.  She made numerous presentations at ECIS (European Council of International Schools) conferences covering such topics as international curricula, cross-cultural interactions, obtaining rich cultural and educational experiences living in an overseas environment, safety and security at international schools, and working with host country personnel.  Dr. Zilber has an outgoing, positive personality and her presentations are always interesting, informative, and jam-packed with an array of helpful ideas.  Her workshops always receive the highest ratings from delegates

— Mrs Dixie McKay - ECIS Executive Director (Retired)