"As we interface with so many cultures in our International School communities, we are in a prime position to be modelsof international-mindedness for the rest of the world." - Dr. Zilber

We offer a range of workshops, seminars AND COACHING tailored to the needs of your school constituents, culture and community.  

Topics Include:

  • Conversations and Communication in Multicultural Boards
  • Cross Cultural Understanding in International School Communities
  • Intercultural Awareness & Perspectives
  • Maintaining home culture & identity within a lifestyle of international mobility
  • Cultural Adjustment for New or Leaving Families
  • International / Intercultural Mindedness
  • Developing tolerance, critical thinking, responsible citizenship skills through Holocaust education
  • Raising & Teaching Children of Educators
  • Raising, Teaching and Hiring Third Culture & Cross-Culture Kids
  • Senior Students Transitioning to University 
  • Marketing for International Schools
  • Orientation Programs for New Staff and Families                                                                                                                        

    Custom programs can be developed to meet your needs